Important Events

Who Are We?

GETA was formed in 1979 to promote the acquisition of knowledge, to encourage research, and facilitate communication related to environmental and genetic toxicology among interested persons in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Any person working, studying, teaching or otherwise demonstrating an interest in disciplines related to environmental and genetic toxicology is eligible for membership. To encourage wide participation, annual dues and meeting fees are minimal. Members come from many different organizations within the regulatory, academic, and private industry communities

We Welcome New Members

Scientists interested in networking with genetic and environmental toxicologists in Northern California, please sign up for a GETA membership today!


GETA Activities

  • Conferences

    GETA typically hosts two conferences, one in the Spring and one in the Fall

  • Networking

    GETA has a broad range of industry, academic and government members that are invested in networking with one another and mentoring postdocs/students.

  • Awards

    GETA and its partner organizations provide funds for poster/presentation awards for postdocs and students